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Made in America Since 1983


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Made in America Since 1983

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Precision CNC Cutting


Intricate parts, large pieces, and fast prototypes all from a simple CAD drawing.




LAMATEK’s computer numerical controlled, or CNC, cutting equipment cuts materials up to 5″ thick and parts up to 5ft x 10ft wide with exacting tolerances and advanced nesting capabilities to get the best material yield. Whether you’re an engineer working on improving a design or an inventor with an idea, CNC cutting produces high quality, precise prototypes from CAD drawings to sample in minutes without the additional setup or tooling process.


Our computer controlled machinery handles thicker, flexible foams to thin solid rubbers and plastics, easily converting materials that may be problematic for conventional die-cutters. Our computer controlled knife-cutting setup produces clean edges without the concavity found in pressed or stamped products. Perfect for applications where aesthetics are paramount!

The Benefits of CNC

Rapid Prototyping

With the tool and die process eliminated by CAD drawings, LAMATEK can provide custom prototypes in just minutes! It’s the economical, convenient way to finalize your part design (including revisions) in a flash!

Larger Capabilities

Our equipment cuts materials up to 5″ thick and virtually any shape up to 5 ft. x 10 ft. loaded from a single CAD file. We can die cut, kiss cut, score, punch out, perforate, notch and mark all on the same part.

Wide Material Range

From thick flexible foams to thin solid rubbers and plastics, our CNC cutting capability easily converts thicker materials up to 5 inches and some substrates that may be incompatible with traditional dies.

Superb Precision

The intuitive software and advanced technology ensures our parts are cut with tight tolerances and efficient use of material by nesting components to utilize space that would otherwise be wasted.

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