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Made in America Since 1983

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Die Cutting


No roll, no matrix, no problem.




Die cutting is the process of cutting completely through a material to make several individual pieces. Think of it like cookie cutting on a large, industrial scale. Die cut parts are not bound to a roll and don’t have any surrounding excess material, otherwise known as a matrix. Unlike kiss-cut parts, die-cut elements are separate, free-form pieces that are completely detached from one another. LAMATEK manufactures die-cut parts out of foam, sponge, cork, solid materials, and more. Die cutting is also available on adhesive or non-adhesive backed materials. Adhesive die-cut pieces are supplied with an easy-peel, edge to edge liner. Tabbed liners (where the removable backing is slightly bigger than the part itself) are also available for quick peel-and-stick convenience. For perforations, scoring, or adhesive parts in rolls or sheets, see kiss cutting.


Our state of the art die-cutting equipment provides small to large die-cut pieces with clean edges, minimal concavity, and quick turnaround. For large volume or rapid turn items, our die-cutting process offers fast, quality parts at an affordable price.

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Typical Materials

PVC Foam
Neoprene Sponge
Ether Urethane Foam
Ester Urethane Foam
High Density Urethane
Polyethylene Foam
Reticulated Filter Foam
EVA Foam

Product Examples

Foam Gaskets
Sill & Weep Hole Baffles
Foam Plugs
Track Seals
Balance Plugs
Packaging Foam
Foam Filters
Setting Blocks & Shims

Related Capabilities

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Punch Outs
Multi-Level Processing
Tabbed Pieces
Large Format CNC
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