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Made in America Since 1983


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Made in America Since 1983

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Adhesive Laminating


Adhesives + Substrates + LAMATEK = Endless Possibilities




LAMATEK can add rubber or acrylic based adhesive coating to nearly any foam, sponge, fabric or film substrate. In addition, we can use this process to combine several layered substrates together into one. We also offer removable and semi-permanent adhesive options. You can choose between double sided adhesive or single sided. You also have to option to use any of our stocked materials or supply your own. Plus, our wide web laminating capability can accommodate flexible substrates and adhesives up to 84 inches wide. For more information on what that means, read our article on wide web lamination.


Technically speaking, our temperature controlled, heat assisted laminators allow us to combine foam substrates, adhesives, and films into roll goods, which we then sell as is or convert into ready-to-use, self stick products and parts. LAMATEK’s state of the art equipment features computerized process controls as well as zone controlled drum, infrared, and convection heaters, which guarantees precise heat transfer. This supply of even heat between the adhesive and substrates creates one of the most consistent, high quality laminated bonds available. From double-coated and transfer adhesives to heat assisted films and substrates, our fabricated products maintain a complete, even bond so the adhesive won’t separate from the foam or other substrates.

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