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Weatherstripping Tapes


In with the good or out with the bad, we’ve got you covered.




LAMATEK provides inexpensive foam weatherstripping tapes to seal around doors, windows, and other spaces. Use our weather strip tape in residential homes, commercial construction, mobile homes, motor vehicles, and anywhere energy efficiency is a priority.


Weathersealing tape takes almost no time to install and requires no tools (except maybe scissors or a utility knife). Simply cut the tape to the desired length, peel off the backing and stick it in place. Always apply foam tape to clean, dry surfaces and be sure to allow enough time for the adhesive to set.


Weatherstripping tapes are available in a variety of materials to provide the highest level of performance for the lowest cost.

Weatherstripping Options

Urethane Foam Weatherstrip Tapes

Ether and ester urethane foams provide good light, air, and dust blocking at a very low cost. Polyether and ester foam provides superior insulating values with R factors similar to fiberglass insulation. Both make excellent hot and cold air insulators in enclosed spaces. Low density urethane foams are not as resistant to environmental conditions as rubber or  PVC so they shouldn’t be directly exposed to moisture or UV light.  Learn more …


PVC Foam Weatherseal Tape

Vinyl foam provides long term, durable sealing due to its ability to recover from compression over a longer span of time. Therefore, PVC is a good choice for weatherstripping exterior windows and doors. Its inherent fire retardency and UV (ultra-violet light) resistance makes vinyl foam weatherseal a natural choice for preventing leaks around external windows and doors. PVC Foam is available in either black or light grey to blend in with your decor. Learn more …


Rubber Sponge Weathersealing

Foam rubber tape provides an excellent weather seal with good durability. Like PVC foam, our neoprene rubber blend provides a good seal against outside elements. Neoprene / EPDM tape resists moisture and high temperatures so it’s also good for outdoor sealing. Most importantly, rubber sponge tape resists chemicals, oil, and high temperatures. This should be taken into account when choosing your material. Neoprene tape comes in black only. Learn more …

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