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Polyurethane foams provide good light, air, and dust blocking at a very low cost. Open cell urethane foam tapes are typically used for insulating, cushioning, sealing and sound damping. Ether and ester polyurethane foams offer superior insulating values with R factors similar to fiberglass insulation, and make excellent hot/cold air insulators in enclosed spaces. Available with or without adhesive in rolls or custom die-cut parts. Learn more below.

Low Density Ether Foam
• Excellent compression recovery
• Supplied in compressed rolls
• Good light, air, and dust barrier
• Applications include window wrap and weatherstripping
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Open Cell Polyurethane Foams
Ester Foam Tape
• Moderate UV resistance
• Supplied in rolls or die-cut parts
• UL-94 Rated for flame resistance
• Some uses are packaging inserts and hat sizing tape
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Reticulated Filter Foam 20 Ppi
Reticulated Filter Foam
• 20 PPI (pores per inch) Standard
• Die cut or supplied in rolls
• Single sided adhesive by request
• Great for sill & weep baffles and filtering applications
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