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PVC Foam Tape
  • Tapes 0.25” (6.3mm) to 54” (1.37m) wide
  • 0.06” (1.5mm) to 1” (25mm) thick
  • Single sided PVC with acrylic adhesive
    (double sided by request)
  • Supplied with paper release liner
  • Reverse wound with adhesive facing in
  • Supplied on 3” (7.6cm) cardboard core tube
  • Also available with Mylar film facing

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Product Overview

PVC foam tape is a flexible, resealable tape with excellent compression recovery and resilience. Our vinyl foam tape is also fire, UV and chemical resistant. This tape is stocked as a single sided PVC foam tape; however, double coated adhesive is available by request.

Available Colors

  • Black PVC tape
  • Gray PVC foam
  • White (custom order by request)
  • Tan/Brown (custom order by request)

Benefits of PVC Foam Tape

  • Excellent resistance to fungus, oxidation
  • Self extinguishing
  • Meets MVSS 302A flammability ratings
  • Resists chemicals, acids, and solvents
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Good compression recovery
  • Great for outdoor sealing
  • Seals out water, air, light, and dust
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • Can be slit to custom widths for any application
  • PVC foam tape compresses easily
  • Acrylic adhesive forms a stronger, more permanent bond
  • Conformable PVC foam fills gaps and spaces
  • Insulates in thermal and electrical
  • Economical foam tape
  • Deadens sound

PVC Foam Standard Data Sheets

Our single sided PVC foam tape is available in standard medium and low density options. View or download technical data sheets for our single coated PVC foam tapes below.

Recommended Applications

PVC foam tape is an excellent choice for exterior weatherseal. However, it also performs well as a sound barrier or vibration damping solution.

  • Gasketing and Sealing
  • Weatherstripping
  • Automotive and RV
  • Light, Air, and Moisture Sealing
  • Squeak Reduction and Anti-rattle
  • PVC Foam Weatherseal
  • Stud and Joist Isolation
  • Door and Panel Sealing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Vibration Damping
  • Mild Sound Absorption
  • Outdoor Sealing

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