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Made in America Since 1983

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SureMount Double Sided Foam Tape
  • Double sided adhesive foam tapes
  • Closed cell, cross-linked Polyethylene foam
  • Indoor, outdoor, and extreme bond options
  • Easy to use — just peel and stick
  • Various adhesive strengths available
  • Available in white, black, and charcoal*
  • Provided in rolls of tape or large spools
  • Also available as pre-cut strips, easy peel tabs, and custom die-cut parts
  • Dual liner available by request

*Available in SureMount EM series only

SureMount™ Double Sided Foam Tape - Adhesive Strengths


SM Series rubber based adhesive tape designed for indoor applications or light duty mounting applications with no UV exposure. Available in white or black foam with a bleach white paper release liner.


AM Series, permanent acrylic mounting tape provides long-term bonding, moderate UV resistance, and higher shear and tensile strength. Available in white or black foam with a blue poly release liner.


EM Series extreme bonding tape is perfect for applications that require high bond strength, extended UV exposure or water resistance. Available in light grey, charcoal or black with an unbleached paper release liner.

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Product Overview

Foam mounting tape is used to attach nameplates, signs, small displays and more without screws, nails, bolts or other mechanical fasteners. Double sided foam tape provides consistent reliable bonding even in applications with irregular surfaces.


Double sided foam tape is applied using a simple peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Tapes are provided with adhesive on both sides, but a release liner on one side. This way the tape can be peeled from the roll and stuck to one surface. Then remove the liner(s) and adhere the item to the second surface.


Available in a variety of putups including:

  • Cut to width tapes
  • Production ready spools
  • Ready-to-use tabs
  • Double stick foam dots
  • Custom sized hexagons
  • Customized to your shape specifications
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