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LAMATEK’s full line of industrial strength, high bond tapes are designed to hold together buildings, skyscrapers, trucks, and more. Very high bond adhesive tapes are so strong, they replace rivets, spot welds, bolts, screws, nails and messy liquid adhesives!  In addition to tapes, LAMATEK™ also manufactures custom die-cut parts from high performance materials for production, after market, and resale components. Find out more about our industrial strength adhesive options below.

High Performance SilverTapes®

High Performance SilverTapes®

Very high bond acrylic foam tapes provide a lifetime bond on virtually all substrates. Specialty options include LSE, low temperature applications, removable adhesive, and more.

Available in rolls, spools, and custom cut parts. Colors include clear, gray, white, and black. View products.
Ultra Thin 8 mil (0.008") Film Tape

Ultra Thin 8 mil (0.008") Film Tape

488 M Tape packs extreme bonding strength into an ultra thin profile for a superior bond with a seamless appearance.

Truck & Trailer Bodies

Structural Glazing

Skylight Assembly

3D Signs & Lettering

Seamless Shower Doors

Backlit Signs

Neon Sign Construction

Highway Sign Mounting

Control Panel Attachment

Electronics Assembly

Furniture Assembly

Commercial Vehicles


Outdoor Advertising

Did You Know?

Traditional fasteners produce uneven stress distribution that can weaken and wear out over time. On the other hand, high performance tape establishes an indestructible bond that covers the entire joined surface, providing permanent adherence.

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