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Gasket Tapes


Sealing tape, spacing, cushioning and more … all in one foam tape!




Gasket tapes are used to seal against liquid and or gases. They make effective weatherstripping tapes, especially in areas that may see water. In addition, gasket tapes can be used for cushion and spacing, impact absorption and vibration damping. All of our gasket tapes are made from closed cell foam and sponge materials.

Gasket Tape Solutions

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Tape
Polyethylene Foam
Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge
Neoprene Sponge Tape
PVC Foam Gasket Tape
High Density Urethane
High Density Urethane

Polyethylene Foam Gasketing Tape

Polyethylene foam tape is a low cost, closed cell foam tape with a wide range of sealing applications. This particular gasket tape is available in white or black. We don’t recommended PE foam tape for applications that require much compression recovery, however, it is one of the most versatile tapes we make. Learn more about polyethylene foam tape …


Neoprene Sponge Gasket Tape

LAMATEK’s blend of rubber sponge sealing tapes provide good compression recovery and chemical resistance. As a result, neoprene is the preferred choice for high temperature applications. Neoprene sponge tape offers UV resistance and good flammability ratings. This type of foam gasket tape will take a compression set over time so we don’t recommend it for applications where the seal will be broken and resealed frequently (like sealing enclosure doors, for example). Learn more …


PVC Foam Sealing Tape

Vinyl gasketing tape offers superior compression recovery so it’s perfect for applications where the seal will be open and closed multiple times. PVC is a great choice for outdoor gasketing and sealing because it’s UV resistant and inherently flame retardant. This dense foam gasket tape also makes an excellent high performance weather seal. Learn more …


High Density Urethane Tape

Closed cell, high density urethane foam tapes provide good gasketing capabilities with excellent resealing ability. We recommend compressing the tape down to 50% or more for maximum sealing performance. Black HD Urethane is available with adhesive on one or two sides.

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