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SilverTape ®
High Performance Tapes


The gold standard in very high bond performance.




LAMATEK™ offers SilverTape ® by AFTC USA, Inc. SilverTape ® high performance industrial tape provides lifetime holding power on both interior and exterior applications. The advanced through and through adhesive system spreads throughout the entire mass of tape, creating an indestructible adhesive that won’t rip or tear. SilverTape ® offers high bond strength that’s so strong, it replaces mechanical fasteners. Use our ultra heavy-duty acrylic foam tape in place of rivets, screws, spot welds, nails, and even liquid adhesives to bond a variety of materials for life!


LAMATEK™ supplies SilverTapes ® in roll or spool form, as well as pre-cut strips, tabs, and custom cut parts for use in production, after-market and resale. High performance tapes are available with different adhesive options depending on the substrates. View our material options below and contact us for a quote.

Material Options
General Purpose SilverTape®
General Purpose SilverTape®
Replace screws, welds, liquid adhesives, rivets, bolts, and more with high performance, double sided foam tape that adheres to most substrates. Available in gray, black, or white.
Transparent SilverTape®
Transparent SilverTape®
Optically clear, adhesive tape provides invisible bonding on glass, acrylics, and other see-through materials for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
SilverTape® For Metals
SilverTape® for Metals
25mil (0.6mm) tape bonds to metals & provides a buffer between dissimilar materials to prevent rust, corrosion & chemical reactions. Bonds to aluminum, steel, galvanized metals and more.
SilverTape® LSE
SilverTape® LSE
High performance adhesive tape for for hard to bond (or low surface energy) surfaces. Available in black at 25mils (0.6mm) or 45mils (1.1mm) standard thickness. Additional sizes by request.
Low Temperature SilverTape®
Low Temperature SilverTape®
Permanent bonding tapes with excellent initial tack can be applied in outdoor conditions and temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C). Available in white, gray, or light gray.
Removable SilverTape®
Removable SilverTape®
Removable adhesive tape provides very high bonding strength but removes cleanly. Ideal for temporary applications that require an ultra strong bond. Available in clear.

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Why High Bond Tape Wins Over Mechanical Fasteners


  • Permanently bonds for life
  • Resists water and weather
  • Withstands UV and chemicals
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Internal strength won’t tear


  • Allows thermal expansion
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Buffers dissimilar materials
  • Remains flexible
  • Absorbs impacts and vibrations


  • Provides even bonding
  • Eliminates weak stress points
  • Covers full surface area
  • Prevents tension spots
  • Won’t loosen over time


  • Doesn’t require tools
  • Easy to clean up
  • Saves time in production
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Won’t need to be replaced
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