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Transfer Adhesives, Double-Coated, Differential & more




LAMATEK specializes in converting and laminating pressure-sensitive adhesives, transfer tapes, double coated adhesives and films from a variety of well-known brands. Our services include custom slitting, spooling, die-cutting, trim cutting, as well as unwinding, rewinding, and logging custom length rolls. Whether you need a permanent, semi-permanent, or completely removable bond, we partner with adhesive manufacturers of all specialties to bring you the best quality adhesive for whatever your job requires. LAMATEK also stocks a variety of standard adhesives in-house that are here and ready to convert!

LAMATEK™ is an authorized 3M™ Select Converter

There are 3 Key Categories of Adhesive Compounds


Natural or Synthetic
High Initial Tack
Short-term or semi-permanent uses
Ideal for Indoor, Controlled Environments


Permanent, Durable Bonding
Low VOC Available
Excellent Aging for Exterior & High Performance
Higher Temperature Stability


Bonds to Silicone and other LSE surfaces
Resists Chemicals, UV & Moisture
Temperature Resistance from -30ºF to 500ºF
Suitable for Long-Term Critical Applications

Adhesive Construction

  • Transfer Adhesive
  • Double Coated Adhesive
  • Double Liner Transfer Tape
  • Single Coated Adhesive Tape
  • Differential Tapes


  • Kraft (densified)
  • Poly-Coated Kraft
  • Plastic Films: PE, PET, HDPE & PP
  • Board


  • Polyester Film (PU)
  • Polypropylene Film (PE)
  • Polyethylene Film (PE)
  • PVC Film
  • Various Foams
  • Tissue
  • Paper
  • PET
  • Non-Wovens
  • Scrim

Adhesive Converting Capabilities

Inline Slitting
Unwind / Rewinding
Die-Cut / Trim Cut
Adhesive Spooling

The 3 Keys to a good bond are Time, Temperature & Pressure.

Let our team guide you towards the best adhesive for your job and

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