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Medical Products

Medical Grade Foam Tapes, Gaskets & Seals, Wearable Components, Toll Converting and more



Our capabilities include medical grade tape slitting and foam converting, die cutting, printing, and custom packaging for medical devices and components. LAMATEK™ converts medical grade foam into seals and gaskets, custom parts, and tapes used to manufacture diagnostic and fitness devices, as well as wearables and equipment for the medical industry. Whether you need a low-trauma adhesive pad for skin contact, PPE face shield foam, or protective packaging to transport and ship medical devices, LAMATEK™ has the experience to get the job done.

Medical Contract Converting

Medical Grade Tape Slitting
Medical Grade Tape Slitting
Custom Die-cut Components And Parts For Medical Applications
Precision Die-cutting
LAMATEK™ Uses Heat To Laminate Adhesive Coating To One Or Both Sides Of Foam Up To 84" Wide. We Also Manufacture Layered Substrates By Bonding 2 Or More Materials Together To Form One.
Adhesive & Multi-Layer Lamination

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Unique Applications

Sharps Disposal Pads
Acoustic Absorbers & Dampers
Seals & Gaskets
Tablet Bottle Cap Liners
Shoe Insoles

Diagnostic Elements

Digital Displays
Gaskets & Seals
Assembly Tapes
Filtration Foam
Foam Spacers & Washers

Wearable Components

Continuous Glucose Monitors
Pulse Oximeters
Fitness Trackers
Power Containment Devices
Weatherproof Sealing

Protection & Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging
Foam Inserts
Glass Separator Pads
Protective Films

Flexible Foam Components for Medical Manufacturing

Related Markets

Personal Protective Equipment

Products include foam brow liner for face shields, double sided tape for constructing and attaching partitions, foam nose strips for face masks, cushioning foam, and other components for PPE.


LAMATEK’s full line of PROTEK™ packaging includes extruded foam profiles, protective films, glass pads, and more. We also offer custom packaging, foam inserts, and protective wraps.

Sign Construction & Displays

Permanent double sided tapes for attaching interior and exterior signage, nameplates, and other visual media. Also includes spacer tape, removable adhesives, mounting squares, and non-slip feet.

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