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Top 5 Holiday “Gifts” for Your Windows

Give the gift of warmth and stability this holiday season with a variety of useful parts for windows and doors. Stock up on accessories for all your favorite window manufacturers. Keep reading for the top 5 must have items that every window manufacturer or installer will appreciate.


1. Gaskets and Seals

We all love a good winter snowfall but that doesn’t mean we want to don hats and gloves during the big holiday feast. Whether you choose butyl or foam, gaskets are a perfect way to seal up gaps in your windows and keep Jack Frost outside where he belongs. You can spend your holidays thinking about more important things than whether or not the windows are drafty. Your windows (and your dinner guests) will thank you.


2. Foam Plugs and Baffles

A cousin of the gasket, foam plugs make every get together more enjoyable. Nobody likes a cold draft, especially during the holidays. Foam plugs are a versatile and convenient way to fill gaps and small spaces to keep your windows draft-free. Our balance plugs block air from making its way up the balance chimney on all kinds of systems. (No, not that chimney! Santa will be just fine.) Track seals prevent air from leaking around the bottom corners of the window sash so you can be sure your holiday will be warm and cozy.


3. Window Glazing Tape

While it won’t help you glaze the perfect Christmas ham, you can relax knowing that your glazing tape is AAMA verified. GT series glazing tape bonds glass to your vinyl and aluminum windows with an aggressive acrylic adhesive on both sides. Or go for the differential hybrid (HGT) option, which uses acrylic adhesive on one side and high-tack rubber on the other. To sweeten the deal, we’ve even added a tear resistant blue liner to make post-application liner removal a piece of cake. And who doesn’t love cake?


4. SDL Muntin Tape

Muntin bars are the grid-like bars that are applied to exterior window glass to simulate divided window panes. The best way to get those bars to stick is with our SDL muntin tape. It bonds to glass without requiring toxic pre-treatments and resists those extreme winter temperatures so your muntin bars won’t budge.


5. SmartBlox™ Setting Blocks

What window doesn’t want a perfect set of shims for the holidays? Protect your insulated glass units from impacts and all the expansion and contraction stress that comes with varying winter temperatures. Whatever type of window you’re making, we have the perfect setting block for you. SmartBlox™ are compatible with glazing sealants and IG units. PVC Eco-Blocks contain 30% recycled content for the environmentalist on your list. You can even choose between the adhesive or non-adhesive option.

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