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Spotlight on Women in Manufacturing: Jenna Hunsberger

Jenna Hunsberger is a skilled slitter operator at LAMATEK™ but she also has experience running the kiss cutting and rotary die machines. Before we introduced our new 12-reel spooler, Jenna was also our primary spooling expert. Jenna joined the LAMATEK™ family in 2003 and has been a valued member of our manufacturing team ever since. Jenna’s role in manufacturing is invaluable to our daily production process so I decided to get some of her thoughts on women in manufacturing to try and get to know a little more about the person behind the foam.


Me: What skills do you have that are unique to your job?
Jenna: I work fast. I’m accurate with the product I make.


Me: What are the rewards to working in a male dominated environment?
Jenna: I am respected because I am a female in a traditionally male dominated occupation.


Me: Why do you think it’s important to have women in the field of manufacturing?
Jenna: I think it’s important to keep balance in the work place.


Me: What is your favorite thing about working specifically for LAMATEK?
Jenna: For me, it’s about the flexibility. I am a mother as well and LAMATEK™ gives me the opportunity to work and be there for my kids.


Me: What would be your advice to women entering the field of manufacturing?
Jenna: Don’t be scared. Women can do it too.


Me: What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a woman in the manufacturing industry?
Jenna: Being outnumbered for sure. People tend to think that you can’t do it because you’re a woman.

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