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PROTEK™ Film Wipes Out Dirt, Dings, and Scratches



LAMATEK, announces PROTEK™ surface protection film to safeguard glossy and semi-matte surfaces against dust, scrapes, surface contaminants, and UV for up to 6 months. New masking films protect bare metals, pre-coated metals, aluminum profiles, glass and more during production, installation, shipping, and handling. PROTEK™ surface protection films utilize high tack, residue-free adhesives that remove cleanly even after extended outdoor aging.


LAMATEK carries a range of PROTEK™ films designed to offer varying levels of UV resistance on window and door profiles, appliances, cladding board, glass and mirrors, architectural metals, and aluminum extrusions. As a custom converter and fabricator, LAMATEK can slit rolls of film to specified widths for indoor and outdoor protection on a variety of components.


Learn more about LAMATEK’s complete line of PROTEK™ Surface Protection and masking films here or Request a quote.

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