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Press Release: Samper to Lead in Business Development

West Deptford, NJ –

LAMATEK™ Inc. welcomes Cetra Samper as their new Business Development Manager to lead the company in developing new markets as the business continues to expand. Samper was previously on the LAMATEK™ team from 2008 to 2010 as Marketing Coordinator. She then worked for the worldwide telecommunications company, BlueStream, as Operational Readiness Manager and then as Project Manager of DAS and cell tower projects before returning to LAMATEK.


“The people and the role brought me back. LAMATEK™ has a Management Team that has successfully sustained their company for over 30 years, and cares deeply about its employees. The LAMATEK™ Team is focused and strives to succeed, which is evident by the fact that most of my coworkers are the same people that I worked with previously,“ says Samper.


Vice President of LAMATEK™, Laura Basara says, “From her last position with LAMATEK™, Cetra already had a strong knowledge of LAMATEK’s capabilities and products. We are all looking forward to benefiting from the project management experience that Cetra will bring to our growing company.” As the Business Development Manager, Cetra will work closely with marketing, sales, operations, and product management teams to achieve established sales goals and implement business development initiatives that maximize and grow the LAMATEK™ brand.

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