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New Sure-Seal Foam Sealant Tape Combines the Best of Both Worlds

WEST DEPTFORD, NJ — LAMATEK announces new Sure-Seal foam sealant tape: an advanced, moldable gasket tape that combines the sealing properties of common sealants with the convenience of a tape. Sure-Seal tape is made from of resilient, open cell urethane foam and impregnated with a proprietary saturant that provides flexible, airtight and watertight sealing without the compression set or restrictions of closed cell foams.


New foam sealant tape is a clean and convenient alternative to spray foam, caulk, butyl and putty tapes that can become messy and difficult to use under varying conditions. Sure-Seal foam tape expands and conforms to block air, vapor, moisture and dust infiltration for over 20 years. Impregnated urethane tape absorbs sound, impact and vibrations while saving time and money in production for a wide variety of industry applications.


Sure-Seal foam sealant tape is available through LAMATEK in a range of custom sizes from 1/4″ to 1 1/4″ thick and 3/16″ to 39″ wide. LAMATEK also supplies custom die-cut gaskets and seals to fit industry-specific applications for OEM, RV manufacturers, windows and doors, residential and commercial construction, appliances, HVAC and more.


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