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Leading Supplier Announces New Improved Flashing Tape Products

LAMATEK announces new, improved NewFLASH™ and DrainFLASH™ self-adhered flashing tapes designed for flashing windows, doors and other openings of the building envelope that are prone to mold, mildew and rot. NewFLASH™ is constructed of a 2mil polyethylene face sheet coextruded to a conformable foam core. DrainFLASH’s™ revolutionary embossed face sheet drains water providing improved drying.


DrainFLASH™ is the first flashing tape to offer a true drainage plane that removes gallons of water per hour providing high levels of protection against mold, mildew, and rot. High performance adhesive system installs in cold (30 °F) and high temperatures where other products become messy and difficult. Both products weigh 40% less than butyl or asphalt and adhere from well below 0 °F to over 180 °F.


Clean, convenient flashing tapes feature lightweight acrylic adhesive with a polymer foam core. They surpass AAMA 711-07 specifications for Level A (no primer required) flashing systems, providing proven sealant compatibility at extreme temperatures (176° F) under AAMA 713-8 specs.


LAMATEK is an authorized converter of Adchem products.

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