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LAMATEK’s Top Vendor Turns 50

Adchem has been one of LAMATEK’s top adhesive partner vendors for over 30 years, enabling us to supply our customers with the highest quality pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes and products. As Adchem hits their aptly named Golden Anniversary, we reflect on our history and the gold level of service and quality they’ve provided to LAMATEK over the last 30 plus years.

Adchem is a member of the Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA) as well as the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council and is certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). CEO, John Pufahl was inducted into the PST Council’s Hall of Fame in 2010 and VP of Operations Roopram Ramharack was inducted in 2013. Their knowledge of the industry and adhesive technology is unrivaled.


I spoke with Pamela Fardelos, International Sales Manager at Adchem, who has been in the industry for over 30 years to find out how they made it to the 50 year milestone and why they’ll be around for years to come.


Speaking with someone on the inside gave me an enlightened perspective and I realized that the Adchem family is very similar to our own at LAMATEK. A great deal of Adchem’s business model, whether intentional or unintentional, is focused on family, or more accurately, support. Adchem is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products at competitive prices. Sound familiar? Perhaps the reason we’ve worked so well together for long is that we are like minded companies that share similar goals – to maintain relationships while providing unbeatable service and products. Like LAMATEK, Adchem strives to evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace by continuously seeking to improve and move forward.


I asked Pam to name the top 3 things that she’s learned working at Adchem over the years and this is what she said.


Communication is Key. A big part of what makes Adchem successful is their willingness to communicate, not just through electronic devices but in person and with real interaction. Their hands on approach to business and the idea that “people buy from people” has allowed them to offer outstanding support to their customers and in turn, ours. They provide countless resources and in depth information about all of their products to give LAMATEK a wealth of information that we can then translate to our customers. Their transparent approach about their highly-engineered PSAs is what makes them an invaluable asset to our team of vendors.


Deliver on Commitments. Adchem consistently enables us to provide accurate lead times and meet our customers’ requirements. The don’t make promises they can’t keep, offer in-house testing, and provide valuable training to ensure that we both deliver on our promises to provide the highest quality products. But the commitment factor doesn’t stop there. Adchem is committed to treating every person like family as was evident during the entirety of their 50th Anniversary celebration. They support each other as well as their employees and their customers because they know that a valued person is a valuable one


Look Toward the Future. One of the recurring themes in my conversation with Pam was evolution. Adchem is dedicated to evolving with the times and adapting to changes in the industry. They welcome change and understand that the industry is always progressing. They make new developments regularly and provide LAMATEK with the latest and greatest in adhesive technology. Most importantly, they understand that the people you invest in are the key to your future and success as a company. I have no doubt that 50 years from now, someone much younger will be sitting in my seat having a very similar conversation with Adchem about their 100 year anniversary.


LAMATEK is a manufacturer of flexible foam tapes and gaskets. Many of our products specify highly engineered pressure sensitive adhesives and that is where the evolution of the partner vendor relationship with Adchem began. LAMATEK would like to congratulate our friends at Adchem on this momentous occasion of their 50th birthday and wish them many more years of success!

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