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LAMATEK Manufactures Adhesive Backed Foam for Face Shields and PPE

Nurses wearing PPE face shields with urethane foam brow linerIn the midst of a global pandemic, people from all walks of life are answering the call in the line of duty. Seamstresses are sewing face masks, local restaurants are providing food in support of communities and healthcare workers, and many are donating time, money, and components for personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital supplies.


LAMATEK, Inc. of West Deptford, New Jersey began manufacturing adhesive backed foam strips for brow liners on PPE face shields early in March, when it became alarmingly clear that there was not enough PPE for our healthcare workers and first responders. Since then, the team of LAMATEK employees has been working hard to accommodate as many requests as possible and to fulfill customer requirements as the need for PPE increases. By mid-April, the devoted team of New Jersey manufacturers will have supplied enough foam to make over 3,000,000 protective face shields. The company continues to receive new inquiries every day.



In addition to supplying customers and manufacturers of protective face shields, LAMATEK also donated adhesive foam to Michigan resident Keith Wood, who had assembled a team of volunteers to make and donate protective full face shields to St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, where his 2 daughters work as nurses. Due to supply issues and lack of funds, the hospital had asked their employees to make and provide their own protective face shields as supplies ran low and exposure to COVID-19 became increasingly apparent.


“I wish we had funding available to purchase them, but the truth is that we simply don’t. If you are able to help in any way, it would help to provide life-saving protection to our medical workers during this difficult time!” explained Wood.


Adhesive backed foam strips


A video of LAMATEK operators producing the foam strips can be viewed below:

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