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LAMATEK™ Announces New Wide Web Adhesive Lamination

Our wide web laminating capability just got even better! We’re proud to announce the newest piece of manufacturing equipment to grace LAMATEK’s plant. In addition to our current 60″ wide web laminating process, our new and improved laminator is designed to laminate pressure sensitive adhesives (also known as PSAs) to even wider substrates. So what exactly does “wide web” mean and why is wide web laminating the biggest and baddest process on the floor? Well for starters, it’s bigger and better than ever. And don’t we all love an upgrade? Here are a few more things you should know about it.


What is wide web laminating?


“Wide” is a pretty self explanatory component of our new laminator, which we’ll get to in a bit, but you may not know about the web aspect. Unfortunately, we’re not harboring an army of Spidermen to manufacture our products (although that would be fantastic) but we are doing some pretty cool new things. In regards to laminating specifically, the term “web” means the path the material takes through a process of unwinding, converting, and rewinding. So the “web” in this case is the substrate and the adhesive as it passes through the lamination process. The web goes through several directional turns and reverses directions several times to ensure a consistent, straight and wrinkle free lamination. Got all that? There’s a pop quiz at the end (just kidding). Now here comes the really cool part: We’ve custom built a machine that can laminate substrates up to 84” wide.


That’s 7 feet of Lamination Domination! [cue the heroic music]


LAMATEK™ has been an expert in adhesive lamination for decades but we’ve had to find creative ways to meet some of the wider format demands of our customers. With this new capability, we can do things that have been historically unheard of at LAMATEK™ and we’re doing them all in one place. No third party contracting here! That means we can get the finished product out even faster and have control over the entire process from beginning to end. So in case you haven’t done the math yet, that means lower costs for us, which in turn means lower prices for you. Ta da!


So it’s big. What else?


Aside from being able to laminate a wider variety of substrates (literally), the wide web laminator is designed to handle thinner, stretchy materials like fabrics and lower profile foams. The over/under rolling process removes a lot of the sagging that can occur, thus minimizing the amount of buckling between the substrate and the adhesive. Our wide web laminator also allows for tighter temperature control to keep it within a tolerance of +- 10 °F, which is crucial on certain materials and adhesives. Wide web lamination is useful for a broad range of OEM industries as well as transportation and packaging markets, extending our capabilities beyond just the standard in-house processes we’ve previously offered. We’re really excited to unveil this new and improved capability and hope you are too. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote for wide web laminating. LAMATEK™ offers additional converting capabilities such as die-cutting, spooling, printing, large format CNC and slitting.

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