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Gray Polyethylene is the New Black … and White

West Deptford, NJ –


LAMATEK now stocks gray polyethylene, a new color option for foam sealing gaskets and tapes. New gray polyethylene foam provides outstanding sealing properties on its own or combined with butyl (pictured) to create a superior sealing gasket for windows and doors. LAMATEK’s custom gray polyethylene foam and butyl hybrid gaskets blend in well with beige or sand-tone vinyl windows for an attractive, inconspicuous appearance.


“Gray PE has the same high quality performance as white and black but with the added aesthetic benefit of a blended sightline,” notes Janine Clauss, National Sales Manager for the Window and Door division.


LAMATEK has been a leading supplier of custom sealing gaskets to window and door manufacturers for over 30 years. In the last decade alone, LAMATEK has sold 175 million gaskets worldwide. New 1/16” thick gray polyethylene is readily available with a variety of adhesive options to satisfy application requirements. Custom foam sealing gaskets are available kiss cut on a roll or die cut in individual pads.


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