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What is Acrylic Foam Tape? Everything You Need to Know

Traditional fasteners pale in comparison to acrylic foam tapes, which offer consistent, lifelong adhesion in a variety of industrial applications while resisting environmental factors. Very high bond (VHB™) tape is a flexible and convenient solution for high-intensity environments that require indestructible, permanent fastening and is one of the most powerful tools used across various industries in countless applications.


What is acrylic foam VHB tape?


Similar to 3M™ VHB™ Tape, LAMATEK’s brand of acrylic foam tape provides superior bonding with a tear-proof and permanent adhesive hold that rivals liquid adhesives and mechanical fasteners. LAMATEK’s high bond foam tape has performance qualities and benefits comparable to 3M™ VHB™ Tape. But what is acrylic foam tape? And what benefits can it bring?


The excellent adhesion strength and performance of this high bond tape triumphs over traditional fasteners and adhesives. Read on for a full understanding of very high bond tape and its abilities.


Benefits of Acrylic Foam Tape

Whether VHB™ tape users have a thorough understanding of the chemical makeup of said tape or are just familiar with its bonding strength, it’s worth noting what makes acrylic foam tape special. A regular double sided foam tape, such as polyethylene tape (PE tape) is constructed like a sandwich with a layer of foam in between thin layers of adhesive on either side, whereas VHB™ tape is made entirely of extruded, foamed adhesive to create a single cohesive mass.


The benefits of this structure are apparent from the moment the tape arrives, custom manufactured and packaged for your specific needs.


Convenient application

Acrylic foam tape arrives with a film carrier liner to facilitate easy application. Securing VHB™ tape is as simple as applying the tape with an adequate amount of pressure to achieve a perfect bond. While VHB™ tape alternatives like liquid nails, epoxy, or glue, can be messy and require additional equipment to achieve bonding power, acrylic foam tape is a smooth and precise solution for high strength adhesive applications.


Conformability & Viscoelasticity

Very high bond tape retains flexibility for a complete bond to nearly any surface. Where other foam tapes such as PE foam tape may bond only to the highest points on irregular or textured surfaces, acrylic foam tape conforms to curves while the proprietary adhesive flows into every nook and cranny.

The fluidity of high bond tape resists tearing and ripping, providing an elastic and flexible solution for high intensity environments where the strength of the adhesive is integral to success.


The Strongest VHB™ Tape Alternative Available

Because adhesive exists throughout the tape rather than at certain points, surface adhesion occurs across the whole substrate where tape is attached. Stress points from mechanical fasteners – such as rivets, welds or screws – are nonexistent with even stress distribution and continual bonding along the entire length of tape, making it stronger and more durable, especially over time. Additionally, acrylic foam tape is incredibly dense so it provides more internal strength and structural integrity where standard foam tapes don’t (ie: the foam itself won’t tear).


Resistance to Environmental Degradation

VHB™ tape is ideal for outdoor and high-intensity environments where surfaces are frequently exposed to moisture, wind or other environmental forces. The sealing power of acrylic tape ensures environmental factors stay external, thereby protecting and reinforcing the product. High bond tape doesn’t degrade overtime and remains strong even in extreme conditions.


Adherence to Virtually Any Surface

High bond tape is a multi-use adhesive, for substrates from glass to metal to polycarbonate, without the need for machinery or complicated assembly.


Where is Acrylic Foam Tape Used?

Given the seamless application and strength of very high bond tape material, the applications are varied and span sectors – including automotive, solar, electronics and more. For example:


  • Solar panels and outdoor signage often use adhesive tape such as acrylic foam tape because of the lifetime and strength of very high bond tape as well as the gasketing and weatherstripping properties.
  • Tracking devices that require a radio-frequency identification tracker (or RFID) to be permanently attached to a surface – such as a shipping container – rely on high bond tape.
  • Automation equipment and processes where fasteners undergo stress, vibration and movement use VHB™ tape for long term, weather and shock resistant solutions.

LAMATEK stocks rolls of VHB™ tape alternatives and offers customizable kiss cutting, die cutting, and tape spooling for all of your high bond needs. Contact LAMATEK tape experts to learn more about how SilverTape® Acrylic Foam Tape can create a permanent bonding solution for you.

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