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LAMATEK, Inc. COVID-19 Pandemic Strategy

UPDATED 3/26/2020 3:00 pm EST


Presently, The State of New Jersey has not closed manufacturing facilities that produce Plastic and rubber fabricated materials and parts, therefore, LAMATEK plans to remain open and is prepared to operate and ship as usual. We have invoked “Work from Home” protocols and deployed the necessary WFH assets to keep our Sales & Customer Service personnel running seamlessly regardless of whether or not they are physically on the premises. We currently have adequate inventory, human resources and capacity to operate our production department as normal.


Most importantly, we have taken steps to ensure that we maintain a safe workplace for our teammates. Currently we have not experienced any impact in our supply chain from COVID-19. Regardless, active steps have been and will continue to be taken to sanitize work spaces, educate employees on signs of COVID-19 and proper hygiene to prevent spreading, and to direct employees who are sick to stay home. Additional PPE and sanitizing stations have been deployed throughout our facility. We are constantly developing and adopting practices aimed at protecting the safety and wellness of all teammates, vendors, and our valued customers.


As this is an extremely fluid situation, we are monitoring the CDC website, State and Federal websites and a healthy cross section of other news sources for updates and additional resources. Please be safe and remain diligent.


Bob Carlson, President

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