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Customer Spotlight: WindowDressers – Insulating Window Inserts Create More Energy Efficient Homes

WindowDressers of Rockland, Maine has one mission: To increase access to affordable, insulated windows throughout various communities. As core tenets of the organization, energy efficiency and sustainability are the driving forces behind its mission to: 


  • Lower heating costs for homeowners
  • Reduce carbon dioxide pollution
  • Make living spaces more comfortable during chilly winter months

“We serve a dual purpose of improving heat retention and comfort with an inexpensive window upgrade as well as helping people lower their heating bills by decreasing their energy consumption and, ultimately, their carbon footprint,” said Production Manager, Joee Patterson.


To achieve this, the folks at WindowDressers produce low-cost insulating window inserts that function as custom, interior-mounted storm windows. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has built more than 68,000 window inserts (and counting), saving approximately 3.3 million gallons of heating fuel.


That’s no small amount of inserts, and considering LAMATEK’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the partnership between the two companies is a match made in heaven. Reducing waste generation, conserving natural resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions are a few LAMATEK™ core values that complement WindowDressers’s promise of energy conservation.


Through LAMATEK™, WindowDressers has access to the manufacturing expertise and quality products necessary to achieve such production volumes — and it’s been a game changer.


“The staff at LAMATEK™ has been extremely helpful and eager to lend their expertise and knowledge. In addition to the excellent staff, the quality and consistency of the products and the reasonable turnaround time on orders make our manufacturing process much easier to manage,” said Joee.


As for the products themselves, WindowDressers uses a couple of different LAMATEK™ tapes to ensure the quality construction and energy efficiency of the inserts:


  • Polyurethane Foam Tape: This foam helps form the perimeter gasket for the window inserts
  • SureMount™ Double-Sided Foam Tape: This dual-sided adhesive foam secures the two layers of plastic film to the bespoke wooden frames manufactured by WindowDressers


Together, these products form the tight seal necessary to maximize insulation and help WindowDressers deliver savings to families across communities.


“The LAMATEK™ products we use in our production process make it possible for us to create a highly effective, inexpensive, and easy-to-assemble insulating window insert,” said Joee.


LAMATEK™ is proud to partner with an organization steadfast in its commitment to warmer homes and lowering heating bills for families. As WindowDressers continues to expand its reach into new communities, spreading warmth and environmental and social consciousness, we’re inspired that our products have helped the organization achieve, exceed and broaden its goals.


Want to know more? Learn more about WindowDressers and find a community build in your area!

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