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ISOLOSS LS High Density Urethane Foam by 3M

LAMATEK is excited to announce ISOLOSS™ foam, a unique open-cell foam that brings an environmental and easy-to-use solution to various sealing, gap and space filling, and energy absorption applications. Uses of this high-density urethane foam have ranged from ensuring strong sealant and shock absorption in vacuum chambers to the production of highly necessary medical equipment.

3M™ ISOLOSS LS Foam custom converted by LAMATEK

What is ISOLOSS™ LS foam?

This microcellular, high-density polyurethane foam offers specialized features for difficult mechanical energy control problems as well as sealing and vibration damping. Similar to PORON® foams, ISOLOSS™ provides a clean and flexible solution to a broad range of uses, including applications for protection, shock and energy damping, and gap filling.


Benefits of ISOLOSS™ foam

ISOLOSS™ foam brings significant benefits to any use case. The unique formulation, resilience and strength of a high-density urethane foam offers exceptional performance, even in high temperature applications. Users will find that ISOLOSS™ LS foam offers long-term solutions to OEMs, electrical and various other industry needs. The specialized construction of this urethane foam adds protective cushioning and complete sealing while providing additional environmental benefits compared to other plasticised foams.


Cushioning & Compression Set Resistance 

The technical abilities of ISOLOSS™ foams provide a high level of cushioning and compression recovery to any application. Sealing properties like that of a closed-cell foam, in addition to high energy absorption and powerful vibration isolation makes ISOLOSS™ the perfect choice for high-intensity environment applications. With enough durability and high internal strength to provide padding under heavy load weights, absorb multiple impacts, and dampen vibrations, , ISOLOSS™ provides excellent shock control and cushioning.


Reusable & Versatile

Uncrushable and resilient, this foam will recover from compression even after extended periods of time. There is no need to replace ISOLOSS™ foam after it has been compacted or flattened. The material is built to withstand high pressures and retain its original form after multiple uses. Additionally, ISOLOSS™ foam is unique in its ability to  conform around edges and fill in irregular or textured surfaces without gaps or spaces. While other foams may wear out or lose mass after repeated use, ISOLOSS™ is designed to endure exceptional molding stability over time and remain functional no matter the environment. The multifaceted nature of high-density urethane foam lends itself to use cases across industries, both specialized and common. 

This microcellular foam is free of the harmful plasticisers that make other foams solid and brittle over time, ISOLOSS™ longevity and environmental ability ensures that it is long-lasting, easy application and durability.

Sealing Properties

As an additional benefit, when ISOLOSS™ foam is compacted, it forms an airtight and watertight seal, setting it apart from more absorbent and porous open cell foams. This makes it an ideal choice for intense outdoor applications where a resealable barrier is needed to keep internal construction free from contamination.

Environmentally Friendly & Non-toxic 

Because ISOLOSS™ foams do not contain plasticisers, they have low outgassing, which makes these foams environmentally friendly and safe when interacting with almost any substance. Foams that rely on plasticisers for flexibility emit chemicals (ie: outgas) over time, which could raise concerns of toxicity in certain situations. The production of ISOLOSS™ avoids blowing agents and is nontoxic. 

Common Applications of ISOLOSS™ LS Foam

Recommended uses of this microcellular foam are far-reaching and varied. The construction of ISOLOSS™ foam, in particular the ability to bounce back after long-term and heavy compression as well as the air- and water-resistant sealing properties, makes this material highly versatile across industrial and technical sectors. 


Gasketing & Sealing

Gaskets, from protective cases to vehicles to medical equipment require a compact and durable seal. Concerns about leakage, loosening or unreliable sealing are resolved when ISOLOSS™ is applied. This foam acts as an airtight and waterproof microcellular barrier. 


With highly capable environmental sealing ability, ISOLOSS™ guards against dust, moisture and other potential contaminants wherever the seal is. Using a microcellular foam enables longer product lifetimes regardless of environmental conditions. 


The flexible nature of ISOLOSS™ LS foam conforms to any gasket or seal shape, providing easy installation and long-term solutions for projects that require a reliable seal. Whether ISOLOSS™ microcellular foam is used in valuable electronics and equipment or in automotive vehicle gasketing, this foam provides constant and dependable sealing.


Shock & Energy Absorption

ISOLOSS™ foam cushioning is a benefit to high-intensity electrical environments where minimizing vibration and ensuring energy insulation are important. Micro-cellular foams dissipate energy and movement, reducing wear and stress on equipment. Ensuring stability within electronics and machinery depends on effective isolation and energy control. ISOLOSS™ protects these systems with exceptional shock absorption.

This is a useful benefit when it comes to stability and sound containment. Electronics require foam gaskets and seals that can protect the fragility of its motors and other equipment. ISOLOSS™ provides insulation and vibration cushioning with additional non-corrosive benefits. 


The specialized abilities of ISOLOSS™ shock absorption makes it an ideal choice for production and manufacturing appliances. Its long lasting, reusable microcellular structure aids in the longevity and smooth operations of individual tools. When it is imperative that equipment function for long periods of time without erosion or frequent maintenance, as with medical equipment, for example, a high density urethane foam is the perfect solution.


Extreme Environments

As ISOLOSS™ maintains strong compression recovery and sealing for high pressure areas, the resiliency of the foam combined with its ability to absorb energy makes it the ideal choice for rough or unreliable environments. Products that may be exposed to environmental factors or strong forces need a high density, conformable and long-lasting bond. 


When surfaces are inconsistent, ISOLOSS™ easily fills gaps and conforms to curves to create an impenetrable seal for the most irregular materials. 


Learn what LAMATEK can provide today

Available from 1/32 of an inch thick to 1/2 of an inch, LAMATEK’s stock of ISOLOSS™ LS foams can be custom cut and sized for specific applications and end uses. LAMATEK carries a range of densities, from ten to 25 depending on thickness, and provides cuts up to 54 inches wide for custom converting. Spooled foam tape as well as kiss-cut and die-cut parts are also available.

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