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Below is a list of the currently available downloadable documents. Simply click on the document you wish to download.

Last Updated Title Description Document
February 11, 2022 ISOLOSS™ LS Foam by 3M™: Case Study What is ISOLOSS LS High Density Urethane Foam? Benefits, applications, and use cases. View / Download a PDF
August 24, 2018 Window & Door Catalog 2018-19 A detailed catalog of new and existing products for the window and door market. Updated 8/24/18 View / Download the W&D Catalog
December 12, 2021 Window & Door Catalog (French Translation) LAMATEK’s Window & Door product catalog translated for the French & French-Canadian market. Updated 12/21/2021 View / Download our W&D Catalog in French
April 24, 2017 OEM & Industrial Products Catalog View our full catalog of products, markets and capabilities for OEM. Updated 4/24/17 View / Download the OEM Catalog
Sep 6, 2016 Credit Application: OEM Customers NET 30: References and credit application required. Approval process is generally 3‐5 days. 1473172978926.pdf
Sep 6, 2016 Credit Application: WINDOW & DOOR Customers NET 30: References and credit application required. Approval process is generally 3‐5 days. 1473172923735.pdf
Feb 26, 2016 Credit Card Order Form If placing an order by credit card, please download and complete this form. 1456510442701.pdf
Sep 15, 2016 Employment Application Apply to become a part of Team LAMATEK. We’re pretty awesome. 1473960197683.pdf
Feb 22, 2006 French & English Fenestration Translation This page provides a rather complete translation of Window & Door Industry terms between French and US English. 1140625330272.pdf
Aug 7, 2006 LAMATEK Credit Policy This document describes our basic policy for credit and collections. 1154971093666.pdf
Dec 10, 2008 Protek Shipping Corner Universal Shipping corners For new Construction Windows Made From Non-Cross-linked Polyethylene 1228943044662.pdf
Feb 17, 2006 SDL Application Guide A handy guide on proper application and storage of Adchem SDL Muntin Tape 1140203290719.pdf
Sep 15, 2022 Terms and Conditions LAMATEK’s standard terms and conditions – Updated Sept. 15, 2022 SALE.PLC.Terms and Conditions.03.pdf
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