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Made in America Since 1983


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Made in America Since 1983

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Welcome to our Solar Products listing. LAMATEK currently offers the products listed below:

PV Frame Bonding Tape

Double sided, adhesive foam tape bonds and seals photovoltaic laminate to the aluminum frames. Mess-free PV module frame tape is more efficient than liquid or butyl adhesives. Available with double sided acrylic adhesive or differential system.

Solar Edge Protection Tape

3M™ brand extreme sealing acrylic with tough, but flexible ionomer backing protects solar modules from breakage during assembly and installation. Resists outdoor aging, UV, and extreme weather. Goes on fast and stays stuck.

Junction Box Tapes & Die Cuts

High performance attachment tapes and die-cut adhesive shapes bond junction boxes to solar modules. Pressure sensitive, high bond adhesive adheres quickly and continues to strengthen with time for lifelong, outdoor bonding.

Rail Bar Attachment Tape

Very high bond acrylic tapes replace messy wet glue systems to secure rail bars to the back of PV modules in frameless module systems. Permanent acrylic foam tape resists UV, weather, water, and aging.

Royal Transport & Separator Pads

High density, blue foam pads separate solar glass panels and other flat items in transit and storage to prevent breakage. Shipping pads absorb shock and impact, while the residue-free adhesive removes cleanly.

PROTEK™ Surface Protection Films

Residue-free, high tack adhesive film protects PV module glass, aluminum, and various metals from damages during shipping, handling, and production line processes. PROTEK™ film resists UV and outdoor aging up to 6 months.

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