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Very High Bond Attachment Tape for RV
  • Replaces screws, rivets, spot welds, nails, and liquid adhesive
  • Provides lifelong bond on metals, wood, plastics, and more
  • Saves you time and money
  • Reduces labor, cleanup, and additional tools
  • Useful in production and after market
  • Lasts for life — doesn’t need to be replaced
  • Won’t wear out, create stress, or lose strength

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Product Summary

High performance acrylic adhesive permanently and conveniently bonds to metal, wood and other RV component materials for permanent attachment without mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets, spot welds, and nails. High bond tape reduces the need for additional tools, labor and cleanup, which saves you time and money.


High Bond attachment tape is an easy, time-saving solution for a variety of recreational vehicle manufacturing applications including, but not limited to:

  • Trailer panel attachment
  • Roof sheets
  • RV aftermarket accessories
  • Trim attachment
  • “Screwless” trailer construction
  • Bumper molding
  • Furniture accents
  • Mechanical fastener replacement


Double sided, adhesive acrylic tape is available in the following colors options with a signature red poly liner:

  • Clear
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

Comparable to 3M™ VHB™ tape, foamed acrylic is constructed of a solid mass of adhesive, giving it superior internal strength and high bonding performance. Acrylic adhesive tape resists UV rays, weather, water and wind while absorbing vibrations and noise.


Available in slit-to-width rolls, on spools for continuous application, or custom die-cut and kiss-cut in rolls or sheets. High bond tape can also be supplied with a double-liner (poly liner on both sides of adhesive) for aftermarket assembly and more.

Save Time, Labor, and Money

Very high bond tapes outlast mechanical fasteners that wear out over time from corrosion, friction and stress caused by weather, impact and continuous vibration in transit. Durable foamed acrylic tape saves time and money by eliminating screw attachment as well as replacements down the line.

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