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Welcome to our RV Products catalog. LAMATEK™ offers products for mobile home and recreational vehicle manufacturing and repair.

High Bond Attachment Tapes

Permanently bonds to metal, wood and other RV component materials without mechanical fasteners.

Reticulated Filter Foam

Reticulated foam filter allows for the passage of air while filtering our dust, debris, insects and more.

Vibration Damping Tapes

Anti-rattle, squeak reduction and vibration absorption for a quieter RV environment.

Foam Sealant Tape

Replaces putty tape, butyl tape, caulk and spray foam and lasts for over 20 years.

Sealing & Gasket Tapes

Air and water-tight sealing prevents light, moisture and air from seeping in and out of the mobile home.

Foam Weatherstripping Tape

Adhesive weather seal tapes provide varying levels of air, water and wind restriction for mobile homes while saving energy.

Double Sided Mounting Tapes

Custom slit, double sided foam tapes in a variety of adhesion strengths to bond a wide range of substrates.

Custom Die Cut Gaskets

Clean, convenient solution for blocking light, air, weather and moisture from the RV interior.

Soundproofing & Acoustical

MLV soundproofing isolates outdoor noise and sound between interior walls of mobile homes.
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