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Single Coated Tapes
  • Single Sided Adhesive Tapes
  • Permanent or Temporary Adhesive
  • Simple Peel and Stick Application
  • Variety of Foam & Sponge Materials
  • Ideal for Interior Use
  • Rolls of Tape or Long Run Spools
  • Kiss Cut Pads, Dots, or Hexagons

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Product Overview

LAMATEK™ offers versatile single sided foam tape and adhesives for hand or automatic applications. Flexible foam fills spaces and irregular surfaces, provides 3D effects and is useful for general P.O.P. applications. LAMATEK™ carries single coated tapes that bond to several different types of surfaces for point of purchase displays of all shapes and sizes.

Use for Single Coated Tapes

Permanent or Temporary | Interior Displays


Single coated P.O.P. tapes are available in rolls, kiss cut pieces and pads or die-cut dots, hexagons and other custom shapes.


A wide variety of foam and sponge materials are available single coated with a high initial tack rubber or permanent, long-lasting acrylic adhesive. Single coated tapes are easy to apply with simple peel and stick liners and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Recommended Applications

Simple peel and stick application makes LAMATEK™ single-coated tapes ideal for any P.O.P. application, including:

  • Promotional signage
  • Temporary or permanent displays
  • Promotional graphics
  • 3D advertising
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