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Removable / Repositionable Foam Tapes
  • Temporary adhesive removes with no residue
  • Semi-permanent and temporary applications
  • Single or Double sided adhesive
  • Available in rolls or spools
  • Custom die cutting available
  • Available on most foam and sponge materials

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Product Overview

Removable adhesives are used for semi-permanent and temporary displays and promotions. LAMATEK™ adhesives remove cleanly from most surfaces leaving no residue or marks even after extended periods of time.


Promotional and Temporary | Interior Displays | Single use


Removable adhesives are available on single or double sided tapes for easy peel and stick application. Finished products are supplied in rolls or spools of tape; cut-to-width pieces and pads; or die-cut dots, hexagons and other custom shapes.


Residue-free, removable adhesive is available on most of our foam and sponge materials. Single and double sided adhesive lamination is available for temporary applications.

Recommended Applications

LAMATEK™ provides removable adhesives for Point of Purchase applications:

  • Temporary graphics
  • Promotional signage
  • Single use graphic displays
  • Consumer packaging
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