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Non-Skid, Adhesive Backed Foam
  • Textured foam prevents slipping
  • Pressure sensitive acrylic or rubber adhesive back
  • Provides surface protection and cushioning
  • Sticks to wood, chipboard, glass, acrylics, plastics and more
  • Self adhesive dots, squares, or hexagons
  • Available in custom die cut shapes

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Product Overview

Non-skid foam parts are manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive that can be conveniently applied to a variety of surfaces. Textured foam provides anti-slip protection and 3D spacer applications for point of purchase. Use custom cut shapes as non-slip feet for P.O.P. projects. You can use them on materials such as wood, chipboard, powder coated materials, glass, acrylic and plastics.


Anti-slip feet | Interior Displays | Surface Protection | Cushioning


Non-skid foam is supplied as diameters and pads, hexagons, squares and custom pieces to fit your special needs. Supplied in rolls, cut-to-width pieces and pads or die-cut dots, hexagons and other custom shapes.


Textured, anti-skid foam pieces are made of high quality materials with pressure sensitive adhesives that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Self-adhesive foam is available with an aggressive, rubber-based adhesive or permanent acrylic. Just peel buttons from the liner and stick them to your surface.

Recommended Applications

LAMATEK™ provides non-slip foam pieces for Point of Purchase applications:

  • Anti-skid feet
  • Counter mats
  • Shelf linings
  • Cabinet spacers
  • Small appliances
  • Desktop
  • Electronics
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