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Double Coated Foam Mounting Tapes by LAMATEK
  • Double Sided Foam Tape for POP
  • Permanent, Semi-Permanent & Removable
  • Convenient peel and stick application
  • Also available in strips, dots, or hexagons
  • Interior and exterior grades available
  • Used for signs and point-of-purchase displays
  • Various color options

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Product Overview

Double coated tapes are used in the Point-of-Purchase industry for building POP displays and mounting promotional signs and graphics to a variety of surfaces. LAMATEK™ custom cuts mounting tape for POP with various adhesive options including all-purpose interior grade tapes, removable adhesive tapes, and industrial strength attachment tape.


Permanent, Semi-permanent and Temporary options | Interior and Exterior Displays


Double coated tapes are available in rolls, kiss cut pieces and pads or die-cut dots, hexagons and other custom shapes.


Foam mounting tape is available with a wide variety of foam and sponge carriers. The foam is double coated on both sides with high tack rubber adhesive, removable adhesive or permanent acrylic for outdoor signs and graphics. We also carry double sided mounting tapes with excellent UV, liquid and plasticizer resistance. LAMATEK’s double coated point of purchase tapes are easy to apply by hand or with an automatic dispenser.

Recommended Applications

LAMATEK™ provides double sided mounting tape for POP applications including:

  • Sign making
  • Temporary and Semi-permanent displays
  • Permanent fixtures
  • End caps
  • Headers
  • Bonding textured surfaces
  • Promotional graphics
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Outdoor signs and advertising
  • Protective trim
  • General mounting
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