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PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Corner
  • Cushions and protects square or rectangular objects during shipping
  • Sturdy 2.0# PE won’t crush or crumble
  • Fused corner construction with 1 slot
  • Fits standard window widths with minimal overhang
  • Universal design eliminates custom tooling

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Protek™ Corners provide protection to the window’s nailing fin and absorb multiple impacts to prevent cracking of the insulated glass unit during shipping and handling.


Protek™ corners are manufactured ready-to-use in both fused corners and 4″ blocks, and are universally designed to fit most existing profiles. Just slide them right on!


The design of the nailing fin slot provides a snug fit that will allow the corners to remain tightly fastened to the window during the final phase of packaging.


Supplied loose in cartons or Gaylords.


Protek™ corners are made from dark gray, extruded 2.0# polyethylene foam that is flexible, water resistant, non-abrasive, and easy to handle. The foam is both re-usable and recyclable.

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