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PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Block
  • Absorbs multiple impacts and energy
  • 1.6# Extruded Polyethylene in charcoal gray
  • Wide slot accommodates thicker extensions
  • Non-abrasive, resilient, and lightweight
  • Also available with low-tack adhesive

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Product Overview

Universally designed shipping blocks accommodate and cushion a wide variety of items during shipping and handling. Lightweight, extruded Polyethylene foam absorbs multiple impacts, energy, and movement to provide superior protection of delicate items. PROTEK™ shipping foam is reusable, recyclable, and water resistant, making it a preferred material over Styrofoam, cardboard, wood, and other sacrificial packaging.


PROTEK shipping blocks are universally designed to fit most profiles. Foam blocks are ready to use. Just slide them on.


Supplied loose in gaylords at 1700 pieces per box. Available with low tack adhesive on one side for additional support.


1.6# extruded polyethylene foam is charcoal in color. PROTEK™ foam won’t fall apart when wet and resists tearing and punctures. This non-abrasive foam also offers high compression strength so it won’t crush or crumble under pressure.
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