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Packaging usually stirs up images of little foam peanuts, crumpled newspaper, or even tissue paper. At LAMATEK™, packaging means ...

products engineered to get your finished good to it’s end user, without damage, every time. This may require impact absorption, thermal insulation or static electricity dissipation. Or maybe you simply need something ‘squishy’. We can design, prototype and deliver a solution that will meet your requirements.


Our products can provide protection from:

  • Shock
  • Impact
  • Vibration
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Water or other liquids
  • Air
  • UV
  • Noise

…and more.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Corners

Universal foam shipping corners fit most window profiles and other flat objects to protect during shipping and handling.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Block

Extruded polyethylene foam block with wide slot is universally made to support a variety of flat objects.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Shoe

Extruded polyethylene shipper with universal step design and nailing fin slot for standard window profiles.

PROTEK™ Surface Protection Film

Easy-peel films protect and mask delicate finishes from dirt, scratches, debris, UV, and more.

PROTEK™ Adhesive ALLwrap

Protective foam wrap with residue-free adhesive protects against scratches, dings, and damages.

PROTEK™ Flexible Corner Protector

Flexible tube-style corner protector folds over corners and edges up to 2" thick to prevent chipped corners and more.

PROTEK™ Self-Sealing ITwrap

Sticks only to itself to fully envelop and protect products such as handles, unfastened hardware or even entire windows.

Shipping & Separator Pads

Provides cushion and spacing between flat items to prevent damages in transit.

PROTEK™ U-Channel Edge Protector

Non-abrasive, extruded polyethylene foam protects edges of insulated glass units, panels, and other straight edge items.

Looking for a Custom Packaging Solution?

Please Contact Us about your custom requirements.
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