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High bond tapes for HVAC by LAMATEK
  • Double sided, high bond tape sticks permanently
  • Resists rain, snow, wind, UV, and more
  • Easy application reduces production time, labor, and costs
  • Viscoelastic, foamed acrylic core won’t tear
  • High tensile strength and shear values even in hot and cold temperatures

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Product Overview

Very high bond, double sided, tape bonds permanently to virtually any substrate. High performance, consistent surface adhesion provides stress-free bonding that outlasts traditional fasteners. High bond tape won’t rust, age, or wear and actually continues building adhesive strength over time.


Unlike mechanical fasteners that require tools and labor, high bond SilverTape® is easy to peel and stick. Just apply pressure along the full length of the tape and let it set, or “wet out” for 72 hours to reach full bond strength. While a primer is not required, it will help to speed up adhesion.


SilverTape® is available as rolls or spools of tape, as well as custom cut parts for production line processes and after market applications. High bond tapes are self wound with a signature red liner on one side while gaskets and cut parts are supplied kiss-cut on a roll with red, peel away backing on the exposed side.


Through and through adhesive makes high performance SilverTape® virtually indestructible against wind, water, high impact, shock and other environmental effects. Tapes are available in black, gray, white, and optically clear for a clean appearance.

Save Time, Stress, and Money

Mechanical fasteners can wear out or rust over time from corrosion, friction and stress caused by weather, vibrations, and stress. Our durable, long-lasting tape saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary labor and the need for replacements in the future. Apply our tape only once and you’re set for life.

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