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HVAC pertains to the heating, air conditioning and ventilation of commercial or residential buildings. When most people hear HVAC, they think about their local dealer ...

or distributor and the heater or air conditioner in their home. While this is a large part of the industry, there is also the large commercial side of this business that deals not only with air conditioning and heating, but also things like air quality, ventilation, refrigeration, acoustics and much more. There are companies that provide specialized cooling solutions, not for people, but for computer rooms or other sensitive electronic devices and filtration companies that remove potentially harmful pollutants from the air.


LAMATEK’s products and capabilities make it a natural fit for this industry. We’ve engineered gasket and sealing solutions since 1983, providing protection from air leakage, liquid seepage, thermal transfer and acoustical noise pollution to many of the finest HVAC manufacturers worldwide.

Air Filter Gasketing

Seals air filters in the mounting frame to prevent gas and air leaks.

Duct Gaskets

Custom cut seal to prevent air, liquid, dust and gas leaks in and around ducts.

Flange Gaskets

Used to seal flared pipes and pipe fittings against leakage and provide vibration damping at joints.

Damper Gaskets

Save energy and prevent leaks with UL-rated, self extinguishing damper gaskets.

Foam Sealant Tape

Ultra conformable, saturated foam tape replaces caulk, spray foam, putty and liquid sealants

Roof Curb Tape

Contractor-grade roof curb tape prevents rain, dirt and moisture from damaging sensitive electronic parts.

Foam Filters

Filter foam allows air to pass while preventing dust, insects, dirt, and more.

Sheet Metal Bonding Tape

Bond metal to metal and other substrates with high performance acrylic tape.

High Performance Tapes

Very high bond adhesive tape replaces spot welds, screws, bolts, rivets, and more for lifelong bonding.

Fastening & Mounting Tape

All purpose, double sided, foam tape with varying levels of adhesion for attaching parts and mounting.

Access Door Weatherstripping

Flammability rated EPDM weatherstripping seals duct access doors against light, dust, moisture and weather.

Pipe Wrap Tape

Provides insulation and eliminates heat transfer while guarding pipes from moisture, mildew and corrosion.

Acoustical Insulation

Sound deadening, flexible material provides a noise barrier for quieter operation of HVAC systems.

Service Door Weatherstrip

Used to seal the perimeter and frame around duct service doors in heating and air systems.

Vibration Isolation and Damping

Pads used under machinery and noise sources or in between parts to isolate vibrations and control shock.
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