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Die Cut Track Seals by LAMATEK

seal (see’-ul): to make tight; secure against leakage.

To seal the bottom of the balance track to prevent air from leaking around the bottom corners of the sash where the fin seal may not run all the way to the bottom or where air is coming up from the sill through the weep hole. Track seals are particularly useful in welded frame windows where the sill extrusion has exposed holes due to the 45° angle cut required for welding machines.


Track seals are often used as efficient, low-cost field fixes where air is leaking around the bottom of the sash.

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Track seals are provided with a self-stick adhesive backing for quick and easy application. Simply remove the seal from the protective paper liner and adhere to the sill inside the balance track, applying slight pressure.


LAMATEK’s track seals are provided kiss-cut in rolls for easy peel and stick application. All rolls are supplied on a standard 3″ core tube.


Track seals are made from tape grade, closed-cell polyethylene foam, designed specifically for enhanced performance in adhesive applications. They are available in white or black.

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