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Threshold Gaskets by LAMATEK

threshold (thresh’-hold): a strip of wood or metal with beveled edges used over the finish floor and the sill of exterior doors.

Threshold gaskets are specialty gaskets engineered specifically for windows and doors where cut wood is exposed to long-term, frequent or standing water. Although primarily associated with use as a door threshold gasket, this composite also makes an excellent gasket for wood windows.


When combined with foams, butyl provides a stable, weather resistant seal due to its fluid ability to creep (or completely fill) the irregular surfaces found on cut wood ends. Butyl is also extremely water resistant and if applied properly can completely eliminate water absorption in the wood grain, which is a severe problem that causes premature rotting.

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Our threshold gaskets come with a thick semi-cured butyl backing, providing enough mass to fill nearly any irregularities. They bond quickly and efficiently with just slight pressure. Simply peel from the silicone coated release liner and apply to the cut end of the threshold.


Threshold gaskets come kiss-cut on a thick silicone coated release liner. We remove the matrix (or scrap between pieces) to prevent the cut pieces from fusing back together. This also allows for fast, easy removal from the liner.


LAMATEK’s threshold sealing gaskets are made from weather resistant neoprene or vinyl nitrile sponge with a thick, water repellent butyl backing. Depending on your application, we can also replace the neoprene or vinyl nitrile foam layer with other foams to fit the specifications.

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