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screen (skree’n): protective covering consisting of a netting mounted in a frame and covering windows or doors.

Screen foam is a compressible foam that is inserted into the screen track to prevent bugs, dirt, and more from getting in while eliminating noise and vibrations caused by wind. Screen foam also helps to provide a snug fit for window and door screens in their track.

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Our screen foam is provided with a easy peel and stick adhesive liner to secure it into place. Simply peel off the protective paper liner and stick it into place with slight pressure.


Screen foam is supplied in custom slit rolls of tape to fit your window’s screen track width. All rolls are provided on an industry standard 3″ core tube.


LAMATEK manufactures screen foam from low-cost, charcoal grey, ester as well as black or white polyethylene foam for applications where the tape may be visible.

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