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PROTEK™ ALLwrap for Windows & Doors

adhesive (ad’ – hē – siv): able to stick to a surface or object; sticky.

PROTEK™ ALLwrap provides effective, residue-free, and inexpensive protection for fine or delicate finish items (like metallic coated window and door hardware) to prevent damages in transport.


Nothing’s worse than shipping a box full of beautifully electroplated escutcheon plates, just to have them arrive to the customer covered in scratches and looking horrible. PROTEK™ ALLwrap pads provide the protection you need to ensure your hardware looks as good installed as it does in your plant. See also PROTEK™ ITwrap.

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Simply peel off the protective liner and apply. The residue-free, removable adhesive will peel away clean, time after time. For irregular shaped surfaces, simply hold the pad in your hand, adhesive side up, and wrap your hands around the piece to be protected. The PROTEK™ ALLwrap will do the rest.


PROTEK™ ALLwrap pads are supplied in either continuous rolls slit to your specified width, can be provided in kiss-cut pads to your specified size supplied in rolls, or can be supplied in continuous rolls with perforations (like a roll of paper towels) at your specified interval.


PROTEK™ ALLwrap is available in 1/32″ or 1/16″ thicknesses and widths from 1/2″ to 48″. Our residue-free, repositionable adhesive provides plenty of stick to stay in place, but removes without residue from practically any surface.

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