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PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Corners

Universal foam shipping corners fit most window profiles and other flat objects to protect during shipping and handling.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Shoe

Extruded polyethylene shipper with universal step design and nailing fin slot for standard window profiles.

PROTEK™ Surface Protection Film

Easy-peel films protect and mask delicate finishes from dirt, scratches, debris, UV, and more.

PROTEK™ Flexible Corner Protector

Flexible tube-style corner protector folds over corners and edges up to 2" thick to prevent chipped corners and more.

Shipping & Separator Pads

Provides cushion and spacing between flat items to prevent damages in transit.

PROTEK™ U-Channel Edge Protector

Non-abrasive, extruded polyethylene foam protects edges of insulated glass units, panels, and other straight edge items.

PROTEK™ Adhesive ALLwrap

Residue-free adhesive protective foam for delicate finish surfaces including hardware, metal and glass.

PROTEK™ Cohesive ITwrap

Self-sealing packaging creates an envelop of protection around everything from small parts to full windows.
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