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SDL Muntin Tapes

muntin (mun’-tin): a strip of wood or metal that separates and holds small panes of glass or simulates the appearance of separate panes in divided light windows and doors.

Muntin tape is used to permanently adhere external muntin bars to glass on simulated divided light (SDL) windows. External muntins provide the familiar look of a divided light window or door but with the energy efficiency of modern double or even triple pane glass. It’s less expensive than framing individual panes and less prone to failure with only one glazing seam for the entire window, rather than per frame. With an external muntin bar on both the outside and inside, utilizing black or charcoal tape, you virtually can’t tell the difference.

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This highly engineered product is designed to work with a multitude of muntin bar materials from Kynar© painted aluminum to untreated wood, as well as glass surfaces including most ‘self-cleaning’ or ‘easy-to-clean’ products. Unlike competitive materials, LAMATEK’s muntin tape does not require toxic silane pre-treatments to perform as advertised.


Tape RollerWhen looking for a muntin tape, regardless of the manufacturer, be sure to get test results for the product in this specific application. Later, you’ll be glad you did.


Muntin tape is typically applied by the muntin bar manufacturer, however, muntin tape can be applied in any dry, clean and temperate environment. To properly adhere muntin tape to either muntin bar or glass, it is required that you can provide a minimum 10 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and a way to measure it.When applying to bar in low volumes, a good method is a tape roller (pictured).


For more info, read our SDL Muntin Tape Application Guide.


Muntin tape is supplied in slit width rolls on a 3″ core tube. Tapes can range anywhere from 1/8″ to 4″ wide, but typically should be 1/32″- 1/16″ narrower than the bar you are applying it to.


LAMATEK’s muntin tape is manufactured from a special grade polyethylene foam, designed specifically for adhesive bonding applications. The adhesive is a proprietary compound engineered for it’s bonding strength to glass and other surfaces without the need for typical surface pre-treatments.


Unlike most other SDL muntin tapes, LAMATEK muntin tape is available in a selection of three colors, light gray, charcoal grey and black.

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