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Window Mulling Gaskets by LAMATEK

mulling (muhl’-ing): The act of attaching two or more window or door units together.

Mull gaskets and pads are used to cover over the gap created by mulling, or joining, multiple window units together. LAMATEK’s gaskets are used for mulling (horizontal) or stacking (vertical) two windows together, as well as in mull & stack applications where three or more windows are joined together both horizontally and vertically. See also Mulling Tape

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Easy peel and stick application makes LAMATEK™ mulling pads a convenient solution for mulled windows. Simply remove the gasket from the liner, place it over the mull gap and apply pressure to create a permanent bond on the substrate.


Mulling gaskets and pads are supplied on a roll at 3″ or 4″ wide and can be custom cut to your required dimension. Kiss-cut gaskets are rolled on a 3 inch core tube and supplied with a clear liner to protect the adhesive side from the outer film backing.


LAMATEK’s mulling gaskets combine chemical and age resistant butyl with a tough polyester film to create a low profile (30 mils thick), durable seal over gaps in your mulled window units. Self-sealing butyl is gray in color and bonds instantly to joint surfaces, providing a permanent bond that lasts over time. The impervious white film backing offers UV and puncture resistance while providing dimensional stability over mull gaps.

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