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Mulled Window Units

mullion (muhl’ – yuhn): A vertical or horizontal connecting unit between two or more windows.

Mulling or mullion tape is used to join two window units together and seal the space between them, making them appear to be a single, larger window. Mulling tape is used in conjunction with the mullion spacer to provide a clean, sealed multi-window facade.


The use of the mullion tape makes mulling windows together faster and more efficient than ever, eliminating most of the water infiltration problems typically associated with mulled window units. See also Mull Gaskets

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Mullion tape is provided with an agressive adhesive on one or both sides and is available in a large range of thicknesses to fit nearly any application. For window systems that use a support bracket between the two windows, a single sided tape can be applied to the edge of each window, which will seal against the bracket when tightened. A double coated product can also be used to help provide more rigidity.


For applications that use either no support bracket or that use a top and bottom bracket, a thicker double coated product can be used to both seal and help stiffen the mulled unit.


Mullion tape is provided slit to width with a kraft paper release liner. The mullion tape can be slit to any width, but works best when slit to the full width of the window jambs being joined. Rolls are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/32″ to 3/4″ and all are provided on a 3″ core tube.


Made from tape grade closed cell polyethylene designed for optimal performance in adhesive applications, with an aggressive adhesive on one or both sides. Available in white or black.

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