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jamb (ja’m): the inside vertical face of a doorway or window frame.

Jamb gaskets are adhesive backed pads, pre-cut to fit the seam between either the jamb and sill, jamb and header or both. These gaskets provide air and water tight seals in mechanically fastened windows. They are much easier to use than wet sealants, like silicone, and are faster as they don’t require a cure-time. They are designed specifically to fit the punch dies used for the jamb, sill and header extrusions so no cutting is required. Some manufacturers use a variation of these gaskets to seam the corners of aluminum and vinyl sashes as well.

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Jamb gaskets are installed simply by peeling them from the liner and sticking them to the jamb, sill or header (based on your design) and then screwing them together.


Jamb gaskets are provided kiss-cut on rolls. Kiss-cutting is the ability to custom cut the foam and adhesive gasket, while leaving them on a single, common liner. This makes transportation and peeling faster and easier than die-cut parts.


Our jamb gaskets are made from special tape grade polyethylene foam, designed specifically for adhesive applications. They are made with a quick-stick adhesive that allows for re-positioning if you don’t wait too long. Jamb gaskets are available in white, black and hard to find tan to match beige extrusions and wood.

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