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Window Jamb Foam by LAMATEK

jamb (ja’m): the inside vertical face of a doorway or window frame.

Jamb foam is used to provide a seal and insulate around the window, between the window jamb and the rough opening. Jamb foam, also known as window wrap, eliminates the need for insulation stuffing or spray foam sealer.


Jamb foam is easier to use and faster too! Our product has a self-adhesive backing and can be stuck to the entire perimeter of the window prior to being fitted. Let us save you time and money with convenient peel and stick tape that requires no drying time.

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Jamb foam comes with a self-adhesive backing. Simply peel the paper release liner and apply the foam to the perimeter of the window jamb using firm pressure, prior to installing into the rough opening.


LAMATEK’s jamb foam is shipped bulk-packed in cartons of compressed rolls. Compression makes the material easier to handle and reduces the space it requires by up to 80%. This makes for less storage space and significantly lower freight costs, which can be very important when dealing with lightweight materials.


Our years of experience compressing jamb foam gives our product the most consistent compression pattern, minimizing enhanced compression at the core tube which can result in slow or non-recovering foam. Jamb foam comes with a self-adhesive backing and paper release liner on 3″ core tubes.


Our jamb foam is made from a low density charcoal grey ether foam. Charcoal grey coloring enhances the life of the product by reducing the effects of UV on the foam. Our low density jamb foam is up to 20% more mass then competitive materials, providing a more effective seal around the window. The ether foam provides an R factor of 4 per inch of width. Our jamb foam is provided with an extremely quick-tack rubber based adhesive. The high tack ensures the product stays in place during installation. The rubber based adhesive provides better and more consistent cold weather performance characteristics than other hot-melt based adhesive backings.

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