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Window Hardware Gaskets by LAMATEK

gasket (gas’-ket): static seal made from deformable material and compressed between plane surfaces.

shim (shy’m): a thin piece of material used to fill in space between two surfaces for support, adjustment, or leveling.

Our hardware gaskets and shims are used to create air and water tight seals beneath various window hardware components like sash locks and operators. Shims are used to properly align the hardware components between sashes or between the window frame and sash. A hardware gasket or shim will also allow a piece of hardware designed for wood (which will typically have small cleats on the bottom) to be used in a vinyl or aluminum window & door application.


LAMATEK’s innovative manufacturing process can also provide low-cost, adhesive backed gaskets to replace o-rings where desirable.

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All of our hardware gaskets and shims are provided with a self-adhesive backing for fast, clean and easy installation. Simply peel from the protective release liner and stick in place.


Our hardware gaskets and shims are provided kiss-cut in rolls on a 3″ core-tube for easy transportation and removal from the liner.


Gaskets are typically made from tape grade polyethylene, specifically designed for applications that use adhesive backing, and are available in white, black and hard to find tan to match beige extrusions and wood applications. For applications with demanding requirements, gaskets can be manufactured from EPDM, neoprene or vinyl nitrile closed-cell sponge.


Our hardware shims are made from a sturdy cork and rubber composite or polypropylene film.

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